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Chapter 4 When Strangers Know Your Secret, It's Never A Coincidence

   I woke up to my mom screaming. It was only four o'clock in the morning. Not even close to time to wake up for school this Monday morning. I assumed that she had a nightmare about me, or the rest of the pack. I sighed and plopped my head to the side of my pillow. Then she screamed again, louder and more fearful. I then realized it couldn't have just been a dream. I shot out of bed and got a head rush, it ached but I managed to walk out of my room dizzily. My eyes instantly grew wide when I saw my mother's door had been slammed open and was laying flat on the floor, with claw marks and splinters hanging off the front. I looked inside her room and I saw it, the creature she was so afraid of. "No..."I breathed aloud. As soon as I spoke the creature looked at me with its hateful eyes. "Mom!"I cried and ran to her. I dragged her into the kitchen and told her to run to our neighbors house. 'Henry! Take the pack to the house on the top of our hill! Please! You have to protect my mom!'I thought to him desperately. I heard howling shortly a$er that. The creature pounced on me and knocked me to the ground with a loud thud. I screamed angrily in its face and showed my teeth when I opened my mouth. I clenched its cold arms and dug my growing claws into its skin. The creature shrieked and I slammed it against the wall. "What the hell are you?!"I commanded rhetorically as I felt the phone in my pocket vibrate. I saw that it was a number that I didn't have saved to my phone. The creature stared at me with a sneer and gestured for me to answer it. I then realized that something bad had happened. Something that had to do with me. I clicked the button to answer and waited stiffly. "Hello Stella. I trust you are having an interesting morning?"An unfamiliar voice asked through the phone. "Who are you?"I asked him, I knew it was a male by the voice. "My name is Hector. And my little pet is Grimly. He is a goblin."Hector laughed seductively, and evilly all the same. "Well, what do you want with me?"I had become curious. "Grimly tried to ask your mother where you were, but she was too frightened I suppose since you don't know. And well, Grimly managed to find your phone and get the number from it for me while you were sleeping, before this inconvenience of a communication issue with your poor mother."Hector had a smile in his voice. "Well any who, I have a little task for you dear. You see, I am someone who requires a very special medicine. Yet I have not been able to attain it throughout all of these years and my body has regretted it so dearly. It would be ever so generous of you to give me some."Hector offered. I thought about what he meant. I looked at Grimly, who's bony fingers looked like he was praying. "What kind of medicine?"I asked, although I felt I already knew the answer. "Yes, that's it. You know what it is Stella. Your most precious possession. The very essence of your body. The crimson elixir you contain within you."Hector talked menacingly, but I could sense a tinge of sadness somehow. "Well what's in it for ME?"I wondered. There was a moment of silence and Grimly started searching through his pockets. "Grimly might have something of worth to you."Hector finally said. Grimly pulled out a potato-sized stone, chiseled like a diamond fresh from the mine. The stone was smooth like a gem and was blood red, with a dark black spot in the middle. "What IS that?"I asked, lost in awe at the beautiful item. "That object is very special. When you look into the middle, where the black smoke is, you will see people's thoughts. But only if you are around the person."Hector seemed to be becoming an interesting character.
Grimly.....ah yes haha
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